Hindustani classical music

The monsoon has brought a pleasant weather and a beautiful landscape in Amber.

I take this opportunity to invite you at the Kawa cultural Centre to delight the greenery, freshness and cool breeze, and enjoy the classical musical performance by Allarakha Kalavant  (sarangi) and Shabbir Hussain (tablas) on Saturday 27 August, 2011 at 8 pm.

Both Allarakha Kalavant and  Shabbir Hussain belong to the generation of the new and promising  Indian classical musicians.

 Allarakha Kalavant has learned playing the sarangi from Ustad Imamuddin Khan and Smt Manju Mehta (sitar).  He got several distinctions, such as “A” Grade from All  India Radio.

His delicacy is much appreciated across the  country and abroad. He performs regularly at Saptak Festival in Ahmedabad and did an  unforgettable appearance in Jaipur at the Commonwealth Games Celebration  2010.

habbir Hussain has inherited arts of the tablas from his father, his uncle Ustad Hidayat Khan and Late Sh. Nandam Mehata, from the Banares Gharana. Shabbir has played many times in festivals around the world.

Allarakha Kalavant and  Shabbir Hussain has been performing together for few years now. They have developed a complicity in their play  and bring subtlety to music they improvise.

The entry fee is Rs 350.

After the concert, the music lovers can pursue their evening with a dinner served  in the garden of the Kawa Cultural Centre. The concert in combination with the dinner, available on prior booking, will cost Rs 700.

For more information and booking, kindly contact us.

Looking forward to see you soon!

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