BOI AKIH Trio Brouwer Akihary Bhattacharya

BOI AKIH Trio Brouwer Akihary Bhattacharya will be at the Kawa Cultural Centre for an exceptional evening on  Thursday, November 17th, 2011 at 8 pm. This is the only date in Rajasthan. Don’t miss it!

Based in the Netherlands and internationally acclaimed, BOI AKIH TRIO BROUWER-AKIHARY-BHATTACHARYA plays a repertoire inspired by World, Jazz and Impro music.

Niels and Monica has been working intensively with Sandip Bhattcharya since 2004. In the intervening period their music has undergone an extraordinary development. They have evolved their own musical language whereby sound and elements from various traditions take on a new meaning. Monica’s warmth and charisma is such that even though she is singing in Haruku (a Moluccan language), the listener is immediately drawn into the music. The trio plays acoustically. However no two compositions sound the same, thanks to the free treatment of composed material, Niels’ inventive guitar playing, sometimes prepared, the wealth of Monica’s vocal sound and the great diversity of colours from Sandips’ range of instruments.

Niels Brouwer: guitar & prepared guitar
Monica Akihary: voice
Sandip Bhattachraya: tabla & percussion

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