My best wishes to you for this new year.

Thanks to the support, the involvement, the encouragement and the trust of many artists, friends, arts lovers, organizations for this project, the Kawa Cultural Centre will continue to develop new exciting activities in 2012.

The first event was on the 05th January with an educational musical evening for the students of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This was the second time that the Kawa Cultural Centre proposed an introduction of the Hindustani music to the students of this American institute.

Parveen Sabrina Khan (vocal) conducted the lecture with her father: Hameed Khan (tablas), her grand-father: Yussuf Khan (pakhawaj) and her brother (tablas): Ilyas Raphael Kawa Khan. This three generations could present not only the various specificities of the Indian music in its particular compositions : ragas and rhythms: taal and their interpretations, but also the oral transmission of this music through the generations. Ilyas ended the evening with a solo human beatboxing and tablas.

Later, the students shared  their own experiences with the musicians during a traditional dinner with firewoods. It was about ceramics, textiles, music…and I machine!

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