Nirmaan in India

While writing this post, Nirmaan is flying to India for  some live performances:

on the 18th February, at 8.00 pm in Delhi, at Lodi – the Restaurant Garden

on the 19th February, at 6.00 pm in Delhi, at Alliance Francaise de Delhi

on the 20th February, at 8.00 pm in Jaipur (Amber), at the Kawa Cultural Centre

on the 27th February in  Mumbai, at Blue Frog.


Parveen Sabrina Khan: vocal

Antoine Lahay: electric guitar

Pierre Droual: violin and keyboards

Etienne Cabaret: bass clarinet

Jean-Marie Nivaine: drum

” Nirmaan develops an unique sound, blending strong notes with meditative moods, electric tones with timeless melodies.”

We really hope that you can join us and discover Nirmaan, Indian electric station.

The first days at the Kawa Cultural Centre will be a particular time for Nirmaan, to explore and share the musical and cultural environment, where the singer of the band: Parveen comes from.

The five musicians are accompanied by Julien Vu, the sound engineer and Oona Spengler, who will capture the best moments of the tour.

We want to thank the Alliance Francaise de Delhi and the Lodi Garden for hosting Nirmaan in Delhi, and of course, the SPEDIDAM, the Institut Francais and all friends, who have contributed to the campaign kisskissbankbank.

Looking forward to seeing you!


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