Madam Leelawati Adsule

Stillness… today we lost a voice, a dedicated vocalist of Hindustani music, a master (guru) who kept alive the Taleem (oral traditional music education) through her devoted teaching of numerous pupils (shishyas) across the generations. At 90 years old, Dr. Leelawati Adsule was still travelling with her tampura, teaching music and writing books.

This was her life. As the head of the Music Department of Rajasthan University, Jaipur, she gave a real strength to music. She guided many students, the voices of the twenty-first century, including Parveen Sabrina Khan, whom she taught from her early childhood to yesterday.

Dr. Leelawati Adsule, Madam, as we all called her here, had been a pivotal figure at the Kawa Cultural Centre. She inspired many musicians.

We will always be able to hear her voice, resonating and enchanting at the first sight of the morning light, the stillest moment of the day.

May she rest in peace. We will miss her.


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