Conference led by the Ghent University in Jodhpur.

jodhpur conference 2019 MN JAFFRE PARVEEN & ILYASMarie-Noelle Jaffre has been invited to present her thirty years of experiences of management and production within music and dance of Rajasthan to a conference led by Ayla Joncheere from Ghent University and hosted by Mehrangarh Museum Trust in Jodhpur in the first half of Septembre 2019.

She got also the privilege to introduce Parveen Sabrina Khan and Ilyas Raphael, her two children, both musicians.



Ilyas interpreted solo tablas compositions and beatboxing improvisations, while Parveen sang classical raags and poetic maands  accompanied by her brother Ilyas at the tabla, as it could have been centuries ago.

They perpetuate the tradition and feel they are continuing this oral transmission, the heritage of their ancestors.

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