The training offered at Kawa Cultural Centre proposes sessions to explore, develop and improve your instrumental and vocal skills in Indian music and to discover and learn Indian dance.

Taught by professional musicians, vocalists and dancers with educational skills, the training is adapted to the level and the objectives of the tutoring.

Marie-Noelle Jaffré and her team work closely with the institutions or individuals from India or abroad, who offering this training to students or professional performing artists to personalise their programs.

Usually during the sessions, the trainees will

·       Develop your understanding of music and/or dance from India

·       Explore the specificities of Indian melodies (ragas/ musical compositions) and rhythms (taal)

·       Discover new instruments

·       Learn musical techniques based on Hindustani music and vocal

·       developing skills in musical composition, arrangement

·       develop improvisation skills

·       Learn technical skills of Indian dance

·       Create original music with other musicians

·       Perform before a small audience


They will also discover the culture of the Rajasthan and will

·       Encounter local population

·       Visit historic places of Jaipur and Amber

·       Discover cultural life through the cuisine, the local crafts….

Kawa Cultural Centre/Guest House can accommodate 10 to 15 peoples at the centre itself  and provides meals in addition to the cost of the space hire and the training. We are pleased to propose you carefully selected hotels, if the number of participants is larger.

Marie-Noelle Jaffré and her team are here to help you through the whole event process; from your first enquiry, to guiding you on your specific requirements, to provide you an appropriate budget and being with you on the days.

Kindly leave a message below and we will get back to you shortly. Thank you.


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