Kawa Cultural Centre

The Kawa Cultural Centre is an independent cultural institute for artists, scholars, students and the like.  Located in Amber, at 9 miles from Jaipur, it offers a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere for creativity, research… with a refine and practical performing space, a spacious outdoor stage and charming residential quarters.

The Kawa Cultural Centre was initiated in 2008, by the French born and Jaipur based Marie-Noëlle Jaffré, art consultant, coach, coordinator, promoter, booking agent and artist manager.

Co-founder of Kawa Music, an Indian company of international music management and booking agency since 2000, and former manager of the percussionist (tablas) and artistic director: Hameed Khan “Kawa”, Marie-Noëlle has organized worldwide tours for a number of cross-cultural music, dance and street theatre projects, like “Musafir”,  “Jaipur Kawa Brass Band” and “Kawa circus” in the major international events.

Marie-Noëlle is very active in the music scene, specially in the world music   and has brought a higher profile to the Indian performing arts.

Recently, she has collaborated with Jaipur Virasat Foundation, Jaipur Literature Festival, Alliance Francaise de Jaipur, Culture France, Pro-Helvetia, British Council, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BBC: education-documentary, France 5 “Echappées Belles”, the project “Dharohar”, and the artists :  Pete Locket, Alessandro Maria Torboli, Jason Singh, Rais Khan, Parveen Khan, Steve McCurry to name but a few.

She continues to promote and support original, innovative, traditional and/or contemporary music with fascinating artists and develop wonderful projects across India, Europe and beyond.

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