The Kawa Cultural Centre offers several and specific services and facilities:

A- Performing space and exhibition gallery  

Whitewashed walls, a central wooden floor and a white quilted cotton fabric, tied to the ceiling render a perfect natural acoustic and a sober and refine space for this indoor room of 130 square meters.

The wooden floor, specific in this studio, provides a perfect surface and a pleasant arrangement and comfort.

Wooden floor

B- Outdoor space 

The outdoor area comprises a stage of 11 meters on 6 meters and a garden surrounded by a lovely landscape.

C-Quarters  are provided by Kawa Guest House, on the same site.


2 thoughts on “Spaces

  1. Hello.I’d like to ask that Performing space is available on 22 this month evening?
    and if we can use how much is the rental price?

    Thank you

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